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Enjoy Peace of Mind

Before air travel became so popular and affordable, most adult children didn’t live that far from their parents and hometown. But now, our society is more transient than ever. Many kids and their parents live hundreds or even thousands of miles away from each other.

That situation can be rather worrisome and inconvenient for adult kids who have one of more elderly parent (or any other loved one) who live at home and are frail and/or have health issues. The children constantly think about their mother and/or father’s well-being, wondering if they’re safe and sound while living on their own.

That’s when it would greatly benefit the children and their parents to have a caregiver from TheraCare In-Home assisting and watching over them. You are guaranteed that TheraCare is the best at what it does because it’s licensed by the California Department of Social Services.

Here’s how it works: TheraCare’s physical therapists, nurses, gerontologists and geriatric care managers work with each to form customized home-care services for each of its patrons.

The caregiver will:

  • prepare nutritious meals and make sure she’s eating them.

  • perform light housekeeping such as watering the plants, dusting surfaces and knickknacks, emptying the trash, vacuuming and sweeping main walk areas, organizing newspapers and magazines, and removing tripping hazards.

  • make sure your parent is getting exercise to her physical abilities and engaging in mentally stimulating activities.

  • clean and dress him.

  • oversee and support him as he walks.

  • prompt her to take her medications on the correct days and at the correct times.

So enjoy the peace of mind that comes with all the advantages of the services provided by TheraCare In-Home. For more information about TheraCare In-Home, please call us at: our headquarters in Redwood City 650-396-2207 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; or our East Bay office in Walnut Creek at 925-378-5595 (by appointment only). If you prefer to email us, we’re at [email protected].

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