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Care Through Crisis

In this rapidly evolving circumstance, your team at TheraCare is working tirelessly to ensure the safety and continued care for you and your loved ones.  It is with that goal in mind that we created this page for you.  Here you will find the latest updates regarding COVID-19 response procedures and helpful resources to keep everyone healthy, happy and safe.  Click here to see the most recent notifications from our partners at Honor.


The best way to stay safe is to minimize contact with people outside of your household.  This video outlines what that means for our daily lives and how we can do it without sacrificing mental or physical health.

Prevention & Distancing 

Hand hygiene, covering your cough and socially distancing is proving to go a long way in stemming the spread of COVID-19.  Click the link below for specific recommendations form the CDC.

Know the Symptoms

The three primary symptoms of COVID-19 are fever, coughing and shortness of breath. Find out what the CDC recommended actions are     if you are sick.

Contact your local health department to find the nearest screening and testing options.


Stay Connected

There are many ways to stay connected while social distancing.  If you've never tried a video chat, this is the perfect opportunity to give it a go!  See all the faces you're missing while you shelter in place.

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